History & Restoration - many years of sympathetic restoration using local craftsmen and materials blend with modern luxury facilities...

The on-site ruins

The original ruins in the gardens

The original ruins in the gardens

In the main garden and now overlooking the swimming pool are the remaining ruins of the 18th century fort/château that was one of the first stone buildings built on the site.  

The pictures below show that the more recent main building was in fact heading the way of the ruins, until a few years ago when a complete restoration began.

The Château is now famed locally as it is one of the grandest and best appointed buildings in the village - if not the region.

Complete restoration

As recently as the early 1990's the building was run down, overgrown and falling apart.  Looking like a shell of its former self; the task began of bringing the building back to life.

Originally, the building was a massive stable used to house and train horses.  The surrounding woodland was the exercise area.  Our aim was to salvage as many of the original building's features as possible but still to update it into a comfortable holiday home.

The most recent work undertaken, allowed us to finish the property in a contrasting, traditional yet contemporary and stylish way. We added a swimming pool and tennis court as part of that process.  This really was a labour of love and we hope you will get the chance to enjoy the charms of the house should you choose to come and stay.